School Closures

In the event of school closure due to inclement weather, COVID-19, or other unforeseen circumstances, the District will notify parents and staff via Infinite Campus messenger.  Parents and staff will receive a call, text, and/or email, depending on personal notification preferences.  To ensure receipt of closure notices, login to Infinite Campus Parent Portal and verify notification settings. 

In the event of a school closure, the District will shift to remote learning via Google Classroom (K-8) and Schoology (9-12), following these guidelines:  

  • On remote learning days, students must submit their attendance in Infinite Campus between 7:00 and 11:00 am or they will be marked absent. 
  • If it is appropriate and safe for teachers to come to school, it is preferred that they do so.  If it is unsafe, they may teach from home. 
  • Students, teachers, and paraprofessionals should follow their schedules synchronously, checking in to each class at the appropriate times, and then working independently on school work as assigned by each teacher.  
  • If there is a 2-hour delay, schools will operate on a typical in-person 2-hour delay schedule. 
  • If a 2-hour delay is called and later becomes a full-day closure, students should complete assignments asynchronously to allow teachers ample time to safely travel to school.  The District will be mindful of this and will make every attempt to call either a 2-hour delay OR a closure. 

To ensure your student is able to complete remote learning assignments in the event of a closure, please be sure your student is able to access Google Classroom (K-8) or Schoology (9-12).